What exactly is One Man One Barbell?

Before I lay out the program, let me tell you how this came about.

At first, it came from my personal desire to overhaul my strength training, and that’s what I did for two solid years. I perfected form, read every book and study I could get my hands on and got a full understanding of strength training.

When my training partner and I started to see rapid results, I knew we needed to test more athletes. I started giving the program to those I coached, then I gave it to those I led physical training in special operations.

Within a few months, all the results were positive…everyone stronger AND fitter.

BOOM…One Man One Barbell was born! A minimal-equipment program designed to get you incredible strong AND fit.  

The program focuses on three core elements:

  1. Proven Strength Principles (Maximal Effort Method, Submaximal Effort Method, and the Dynamic Effort Method)
  2. Minimal Equipment (A barbell, some plates and rack) 
  3. Simple and effective conditioning 
Fast forward to now and One Man One Barbell has been tested at every level of fitness; from CrossFit competitors, U.S. Special Operations Forces, Average Joes and Stay-at-home moms, cyclists, 50K trail runners and more. Making it one of the only competition-faced, war-tested, life-proven and multi-sport used strength and conditioning programs in the world.

It turns out there were a lot of people just like you and me who needed this type of strength program.

5 reasons you should try One Man One Barbell: 

To be clear: this is not a “go through the motions” type of program.

It was built for dedicated effort.

This is years of experience being poured into a simple strength program. Look at it as a chalk-up-your-hands-and-get-to-work type of program.

The entire focus is on the LIFTS. You need to be focused, intense and dedicated and you will have everything you need to accelerate your success with the barbell.

The breakthroughs occur when you actually execute the lifts how they should be done.

This program will be powerful, and be a game changer with a barbell.

This is for people who want to do more than just random WODs. This is for those who truly want to get strong and fit.

Here are a few of the results you can expect from One Man One Barbell:

  • Clarity on different types of lifting (speed-strength, strength-speed, etc.) 
  • Confidence with your skills and abilities in executing the lifts properly 
  • A customizable strength program which can fit the lifts you want, and be catered to your sport or lifestyle 
  • Freedom from the fear of not knowing what EXACTLY to do that’s holding you back
  • A community of positive, focused and like-minded lifters
  • A resource and tool to move your lifts forward, in an injury-free-PR-busting type of way
  • Stronger, faster and harder to kill!

Mike Bledsoe

"I get sent programs a lot and what I look for is to see if it has the maximal effort method, the dynamic effort method and the sub-maximal effort method (volume work), and One Man One Barbell has all three. The best programs in the world have all three of these methods programmed in the right ratios. I see a lot of inexperienced coaches and people try to put together programs and it is always missing something. When you sent me your program, I saw it and was like, 'Man!' this is what CrossFitters and other people need to see; this is a well-thought-out program with good balance"