Hey all! My name is Jerred Moon, Founder of EndofThreeFitness.comHead Coach/Lead Programmer at Eo3FitMilitary Officer and Physical Training Leader of a U.S. Special Operations Unit and a CrossFit Level I Certified Trainer

More importantly, I am a father to an amazing son and  husband to an incredible wife, and I would like to personally welcome you to One Man One Barbell, Highly Effective Strength Training...for The Other Guy. I am also one of the “other guys”. You know, the guy who wants to be incredibly strong, but doesn't want to be a meathead, or sacrifice all other areas of fitness and health for the sake of strength. The guy who wants to be really strong AND really fit. The guy who has always been told, “that’s not possible”.

I’m here to tell you it is possible. I am a fitness minimalist; less is more. Less equipment, less fluff and filler...only results. I’m the guy who achieved a 500lb deadlift (watch me deadlift 500 alone, with only one barbell, and nothing more.

The One Man One Barbell system is a culmination of 10 years of experience and over a year’s worth of testing and refinement and reading and research aimed at one thing…making you the strongest human you can be.

The One Man One Barbell System

You'll hear that over and over..."system"...that's because One Man One Barbell is not just an eBook it's WAY MORE than an eBook - it's a system. 

A system that has you covered from nutrition, strength and volume calculators, strength training and more! If you want to know EXACTLY what is in the One Man One Barbell System, just scroll down a little bit, but here is what you can expect to get out of One man One Barbell: 

    • Become the strongest you've ever been, without spending hours in the gym...Learn how to move more volume quickly and learn why it is effective. The strength sessions are quick and effective and leave you more time to do what you need. 
    • Includes Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 of One Man One Barbell for intermediate and advanced lifters.  
    • Include the "Ground Zero" system for beginners.
    • One Man One Barbell effectively implements the 3 most proven strength training methods in the world, and teaches you why it's effective. 
    • The mobile guide and calculators will help you track your progress, and will teach you how to put it all on your smartphone for your convenience.  
    • Learn all you need to know about strength training and barbells; which bars to buy and what to avoid.
    • Learn how to use a barbell, and a barbell alone, to master strength and fitness.
    • Get in the best shape of your life (seriously...I don’t do gimmicks).
    • Run faster, jump higher, get stronger and become a better human.




Here is an Email I received from Ben:  

Hi Jerred,
I wanted to email you to let you know my friend and I have just completed the OMOB v.1 program. All I can say is WOW! We are both ecstatic with the results. I cannot even tell you how many months my strength has been plateaued and that is why I immediately jumped at the opportunity to try out the OMOB program when you released it. I knew it was exactly what I needed to start making progress again. I showed my friend the program and he agreed it looked good and that he would give it a shot with me. We decided to use Squats, Deadlifts, Bench press', and Shoulder press' as our 4 lifts. We tested our max's and then started v.1. Here are our results...
Starting Max's: 
- Squat- 185# (both of us) 
- Deadlift- 245# (me), 205# (friend) 
- Bench- 175# (both) 
- Shoulder Press- 115# (me), 110# (friend)
Max's after v.1: 
- Squat- 205# (both) 
- Deadlift- 275# (me), 255# (friend) 
- Bench- 190# (me), 185# (friend) 
- Shoulder Press- 135# (both)
As you can see our strength increased in all 4 lifts tremendously. I just wanted to share this with you and tell you how much I appreciate you sharing the OMOB program. We have made more strength gains in these last 4 weeks than we have in the entire previous year!
PS-My friend is fairly new to deadlifts and shoulder press' which I believe is a major contributing factor to his impressive strength gains in these lifts.
Thanks again,

One Man One Barbell Works...Quickly! 

Ben had those results after one cycle of One Man One Barbell, and I'll let you in on a little secret...One Cycle is only 3 weeks of heavy lifting and 1 week of reduced volume...4 weeks! And each training session is only 30-40 min long. What have you got to lose?



My typical workouts involve using a barbell and performing big lifts, so when I started doing workouts from One Man One Barbell I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise I was able to add 20 pounds to my deadlift, and 10 pounds each to my squat and bench press in a short 4 weeks. The way Jerred has the workouts structured; the lifter is able to perform a solid amount of singles, doubles, and triples. But I believe it’s the way the extra volume is programmed that makes the biggest difference, and puts this workout over the top. Now I’m using Jerred’s layout for all my strength programming instead of Wendler’s 5/3/1.

What's in this thing?? 

There aren't many strength training systems out there, so here is One Man One Barbell broken down piece by piece to give you a better understanding of exactly what's in this thing. 

One Man One Barbell

  • The most effective strength training guide in the world...for the other guy.
  • Become the strongest you’ve ever been, without spending hours in the gym.
  • Learn all you need to know about strength training and barbells.
  • Learn how to use a barbell, and a barbell alone, to master strength and fitness.
  • Bust through PRs in record time!

Become A Barbell Connoisseur

  • Learn everything you need to know about a barbell.
  • What kind to buy...without breaking the bank.
  • What to look for...what sporting good stores don't want you to know.
  • The anatomy of a barbell...things not covered in your average anatomy class.
  • Become a modern-day barbell snob connoisseur.

Learn The Nuts & Bolts of Strength Training

  • Learn the basics of how to build strength.
  • Save time! Properly set your training goals for maximum results.
  • Learn the main principles of strength training...that will always work.
  • Meso? Macro? Micro? Finally learn all about training cycles.
  • Master barbell movements once and for all! Detailed guides for Squat, Press, Deadlift, Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

Ground Zero

  • The One Man One Barbell OnRamp Program - Get Fit Fast!
  • For the up to One Man One Barbell correctly and quickly.
  • For the advanced...set your baseline, stop the overtraining and get serious.
  • How to build a solid foundation that will ensure future success. 4 weeks, 4-day-a-week training program aimed at making you fit.
  • Includes core work, strength training and conditioning recommendations. Helps you get ready...for anything.

The One Man One Barbell Strength Program

  • The step-by-step program to help you bust through PRs!
  • Learn the method and philosophy of OMOB - The last you'll ever need.
  • Easy to use format to take the thinking out of your training.
  • Run faster, jump higher, get stronger and become a better human.
  • Bonus: Includes Version 1 and Version 2 of OMOB.



    One Man One Barbell Excel Calculators

    • No need to do the math or create your own spreadsheets!
    • Spend less time planning and more time lifting.
    • Calculate One Man One Barbell Strength Program Versions 1 and 2.
    • Calculate a single lift, or an entire cycle.
    • Compare side-by-side the volume of versions 1 & 2 and decide which is best for you.

    One Man One Barbell Mobile Guide


    • Make One Man One Barbell Mobile!
    • No need to print or carry around a journal, make the calculators mobile.
    • Put One Man One Barbell in your browser or on your smart phone.
    • Brief mobile guide will show you step-by-step how to put the excel calculators on your smart phone and online.
    • Works for droids, iPhones and internet browsers

    One Man One Barbell Paleo Jump Start Guide

    • Learn how to effectively do the Paleo diet while using the One Man One Barbell strength program!
    • New to Paleo? No worries, we broke it down simple.
    • Learn pre-workout, workout and post workout nutrition.
    • Over 35 meal options!
    • 12 quick and easy recipes.

    The Ultimate One Man One Barbell Log

    • We took all the functionality of The Ultimate WOD Log (click to watch video) and added One Man One Barbell elements and calculators.
    • Keeps track of your strength training and endurance.
    • Produces strength, endurance and nutrition metrics
    • Provides substitutions for tough exercise movements
    • Gives you a master workout list with over 100 workouts
    • Quickly converts (LB:KG, KG:LB, MI:KM, or KM:MI)
    • Tells you what your max should be in each lift to be considered “Untrained”, “Novice”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced” or “Elite”,
    • 1, 3 and 5 Rep Max Calculator
    • Calculates OMOB Version 1 & 2 cycles
    • Easily keep track of you PRs for Benchmark WODs, Lifts, Exercises, and Monostructural exercises
    • Keeps an easy-to-use nutrition log and a Personal Data Sheet for goal tracking and measurements.


    One Man One Barbell Conditioning (Deluxe Only)

    • 6-weeks of conditioning that will get you in the best shape of your life!
    • Perfectly programmed conditioning for use in conjunction with the OMOB strength training program.
    • Conditioning has been tested with OMOB, and is extremely effective...You will shatter your benchmarks!
    • Conditioning that will get you in great shape, but won't drain all your time.

    My One Man One Barbell Training Log (Deluxe Only)

    • My training journal of the very first cycle, ever, of One Man One Barbell.
    • Includes strength training + conditioning (different from One Man One Barbell Conditioning)
    • A non-filtered look at exactly what I did and how I did it, results and weights all recorded.
    • Snap-shots of my training journal pages. See how I got to a 500 lb. deadlift and a sub-six minute mile in 3 weeks.


    Ditte Jacobsen

    Ditte Jacobsen_One Man One Barbell.jpg

    It works for women too!!  

    Ditte is one serious athlete. She has…

    Overall, I really enjoyed following the program and especially embraced the fact that you have time (and energy) for supplementary workouts and skills. I did some of the conditioning workouts also, and I found them quite fun. In the beginning, I was a bit apprehensive starting a new routine while doing the Opens, but it turned out to be a really good idea! The OMOB program has definitely helped me maintain/develop my strength while doing the Opens workouts. For obvious reasons I have not gone for max attempts on the squat and deadlift – but I was able to set a new PR in power snatch and I also did a round of the Bear Complex with 75 kg (my old 3 RM front squat and 1 RM jerk).


    How do I know One Man One Barbell works? 

    • It's tested! OMOB is not some theoretical strength program. It was originally created for, and tested on, athletes part of the Eo3Fit training team. It was only once the true potency of the program was realized; with athletes varying is shape, size, gender and athletic background that One Man One Barbell was turned into this guide.

    Is One Man One Barbell worth the money? 

    • Yes! One Man One Barbell is more than your average eBook. One Man One Barbell is a system as opposed to just a book. You get access to the book, excel calculators and a bunch of other goods all aimed at making you stronger. Also, unlike your average eBook, if One Man One Barbell is updated in any  way, shape or form; you get the update!

    Does One Man One Barbell come with Strength AND Conditioning? 

    • Yes and No. If you purchase the One Man One Barbell version, you will be getting the strength program and all the extras. If you purchase the One Man One Barbell Deluxe version, you will get the strength program, all the extras (and more), AND the 6-week conditioning guide.

    Is this a digital guide? 

    • Yes it is. One Man One Barbell is a digital guide available for immediate download.

    Are there better guides out there?

    • It depends. There are many effective strength training guides, systems and books on the market today. However, most other systems out there are focused on getting you strong...but that's it. This creates extremely long training sessions and leaves you no time for any sort of conditioning. One Man One Barbell was created to be extremely effective with short training sessions. This leaves you time to do your own conditioning, or use the One Man One Barbell Conditioning program, found in the deluxe version.

    What do you do with my information after purchase?

    • We do not request any personal information other than your email during our transaction. The email’s sole purpose is to deliver your product. We do not store your email in any sort of database. We will not contact you unless you request information, or for an update. All sales information is kept private.
    • Also, we use PayPal's secure network to accept all transactions, so your information is all kept private and secure at all time.

    What is the refund policy?

    • I am confident One Man One Barbell will work for you, so give it a chance! Try the program for 30 days, if you aren't seeing the results you expected, email me and I will gladly issue you a 100% refund, no questions asked.



    Another email I received (actually two emails): 


    Just wanted to say that the program works great. I have increased my max in all 4 exercises by at least 20lbs. That’s crazy. I also ran a sub 7 min mile after squat day. Thanks for all you do and for the great program. Keep up the good work.

    Chris a.k.a. Bama

    Chris decided he really liked the program and kept running it for multiple cycles…then he updated me again. Here is what Chris had to say:

    Just wanted to send an update of how your program is working for me. I just started on my 4 th cycle of OMOB. These are the stats after three cycles.

    • Hang clean starting max 210, now 240
    • Squat starting max 350, now 385
    • Press starting max 180, now 205
    • Deadlift starting max 365, now 420

    Just wanted you to know you program works and I’m VERY pleased with the gains. Thanks for the hard work.


    YOU IN?

    One Man One Barbell has worked for CrossFit Games athletes, stay at home moms and people like me..."the other guy", I'm thinking it will work for you! 

    Are you ready to stronger  fitter and healthier? Let's do it! There are two versions of the One Man One Barbell guide, basic (without conditioning and my log) and Deluxe (with conditioning and my log). This is a digital product, so you will be using the One Man One Barbell system and on your way to busting through PR's moments after you purchase.

    One Man One Barbell (Deluxe)
    Download and Get Started
    One Man One Barbell (Basic)
    Download and Get Started

    The Guarantee


    I have poured my heart, soul, sweat and everything else into this program, and I am confident that what I have created will work for you. If you are still on the fence, keep in mind the money-back guarantee. All I ask is that you try out One Man One Barbell for 30 days and then let me know that you're not seeing the results you expected and I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked. I really just want you to try it out, be happy, be fit, be healthy and be strong. The money-back guarantee is available for up to 60 days after purchase.


    In 3 months I have noticed major - I mean like mind blowing improvements - especially in the area of strength. In addition to dramatic increases across the board in my Olympic and Power Lifts, my confidence has improved dramatically. It challenges me with exactly what is needed to ensure continual growth and improvement.


    Seriously, I don't have gimmicks. I don't have tricks. I don't have "ACT NOW OR ELSE!!!" ... plastered all over this site. What I do have is a proven guide that will get you stronger and in the best shape of your life. If that sounds good to you, give One Man One Barbell a try, you won't regret it.


    And just a reminder...there is a 100% money-back guarantee, so what are you waiting for?