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One Man One Barbell

Highly effective strength training (and conditioning)...for the other guy!  


One Man One Barbell

Highly effective strength training (and conditioning)...for the other guy!  

How to Get Really Strong AND Fit

A Simple Program which Can Change the Way you Lift

Are you tired of trying to mix and match strength programs to get the perfect balance on strength AND conditioning?

525 on the left. 500 on the right. One Man One Barbell made me faster, stronger and helped me lift with better form.

I know how it goes…you’ve probably tried every strength program out there; to include the programs with the number “5” in it somewhere.

Wouldn’t you rather have a program that is customizable to your needs, and know it works?

Are you left confused, and a little frustrated when you see people who manage to get incredibly strong AND fit?

Well, then you may be a perfect fit for One Man One Barbell.

As you know, my passion lies in helping people like you gain the clarity, direction and focus you need to turn your goals into broken PRs.

That’s why I’d like to personally invite you to try my strength program, where I can take your desire for strength and fitness and turn it into a reality.

I know what it’s like…

It wasn’t long ago, I was stalled out in a strength program and my conditioning was suffering. I couldn’t find a program online that met my needs, and hiring a coach or program designer was gonna be a chunk of change I didn’t have. I was busting my ass and simply not seeing the results I wanted.

Like you, I wanted to be stronger and faster, and if I’m being honest…I wanted to look good naked too. I wanted an athletic edge. I didn’t want to guess my way through gaining strength and fitness and end up doing programs designed for the elite in which I end up injured and frustrated.

I wanted to be a good lifter and a better coach. I wanted to be better, stronger and fitter.

As you may know, over the years I’ve achieved most of my strength and conditioning goals.

I’ve coached special operations combat athletes, gotten to hang out with and pick the brains of some of the best lifters in the world and I’ve broken many PRs in the process. I mean, I never thought I would deadlift 3X my bodyweight while maintaining a sub-6 minute mile, or run a marathon without training the day after I squat cleaned 300+ lbs.

And despite many years, and finding my way to being through this process like the ball in a pinball machine, there still aren’t concrete easy-to-follow programs which teach you how to get stronger AND fitter.

Please know the reason I’m talking about my success in lifting is not to pat myself on the back…I only share it to let you know two key things:

  1. I understand exactly where you're at and what you're going through.
  2. I can show you exactly what it takes to get to the other side. Because the bottom line is this: I’ve done it. I’ve trained others to do it and I know that if you want this bad enough, you can do it too.



One What?

Is One Man One Barbell worth your time and sweat?

One What?

Is One Man One Barbell worth your time and sweat?

What exactly is One Man One Barbell?

Before I lay out the program, let me tell you how this came about.

At first, it came from my personal desire to overhaul my strength training, and that’s what I did for two solid years. I perfected form, read every book and study I could get my hands on and got a full understanding of strength training.

When my training partner and I started to see rapid results, I knew we needed to test more athletes. I started giving the program to those I coached, then I gave it to those I led physical training in special operations.

Within a few months, all the results were positive…everyone stronger AND fitter.

BOOM…One Man One Barbell was born! A minimal-equipment program designed to get you incredible strong AND fit.  

The program focuses on three core elements:

  1. Proven Strength Principles (Maximal Effort Method, Submaximal Effort Method, and the Dynamic Effort Method)
  2. Minimal Equipment (A barbell, some plates and rack) 
  3. Simple and effective conditioning 
Fast forward to now and One Man One Barbell has been tested at every level of fitness; from CrossFit competitors, U.S. Special Operations Forces, Average Joes and Stay-at-home moms, cyclists, 50K trail runners and more. Making it one of the only competition-faced, war-tested, life-proven and multi-sport used strength and conditioning programs in the world.

It turns out there were a lot of people just like you and me who needed this type of strength program.

5 reasons you should try One Man One Barbell: 

To be clear: this is not a “go through the motions” type of program.

It was built for dedicated effort.

This is years of experience being poured into a simple strength program. Look at it as a chalk-up-your-hands-and-get-to-work type of program.

The entire focus is on the LIFTS. You need to be focused, intense and dedicated and you will have everything you need to accelerate your success with the barbell.

The breakthroughs occur when you actually execute the lifts how they should be done.

This program will be powerful, and be a game changer with a barbell.

This is for people who want to do more than just random WODs. This is for those who truly want to get strong and fit.

Here are a few of the results you can expect from One Man One Barbell:

  • Clarity on different types of lifting (speed-strength, strength-speed, etc.) 
  • Confidence with your skills and abilities in executing the lifts properly 
  • A customizable strength program which can fit the lifts you want, and be catered to your sport or lifestyle 
  • Freedom from the fear of not knowing what EXACTLY to do that’s holding you back
  • A community of positive, focused and like-minded lifters
  • A resource and tool to move your lifts forward, in an injury-free-PR-busting type of way
  • Stronger, faster and harder to kill!

Mike Bledsoe

"I get sent programs a lot and what I look for is to see if it has the maximal effort method, the dynamic effort method and the sub-maximal effort method (volume work), and One Man One Barbell has all three. The best programs in the world have all three of these methods programmed in the right ratios. I see a lot of inexperienced coaches and people try to put together programs and it is always missing something. When you sent me your program, I saw it and was like, 'Man!' this is what CrossFitters and other people need to see; this is a well-thought-out program with good balance"

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Some of Our Happy Members 


Some of Our Happy Members 



Meet Danny.

Danny is a busy dude, and as a high school football coach he can work from from 6:45am to 8:00pm most days. Working long hours can take a toll on anyone mentally and physically, but Danny keeps pressing on finding the time to get in the most efficient training he can. Danny recently sent me an email sharing his results, check it out:

"Hey Jerred,

I wanted to share my progress:

My maxes have increased tremendously!  I have been using OMOB since June with 4 lifts…press, hang clean, bench, and squat.  I just finished my 4th cycle with my maxes starting at 185 for press, 225 for hang clean, 300 for bench, and 300 for squat (started low on squat because of a recent injury).  My new maxes are now...

210 for press (+25lb)

245 (+20lb) for hang clean

320 (+20 lb) for bench

and 365 (+65lb) for squat (and that was light!!) 

...Your program works and I believe it will be the only strength program I use from now on!  Also, I went through the conditioning workouts twice and compared times…they all improved greatly!  I also went from weighing 238 to about 228.




Here is an email I received from Ben:

Hi Jerred,
I wanted to email you to let you know my friend and I have just completed the OMOB v.1 program. All I can say is WOW! We are both ecstatic with the results. I cannot even tell you how many months my strength has been plateaued and that is why I immediately jumped at the opportunity to try out the OMOB program when you released it. I knew it was exactly what I needed to start making progress again. I showed my friend the program and he agreed it looked good and that he would give it a shot with me. We decided to use Squats, Deadlifts, Bench press', and Shoulder press' as our 4 lifts. We tested our max's and then started v.1. Here are our results...
Starting Max's (Pre-One Man One Barbell):
  • Squat- 185# (both of us)
  • Deadlift- 245# (me), 205# (friend)
  • Bench- 175# (both)
  • Shoulder Press- 115# (me), 110# (friend)

Max's after One Man One Barbell: 

  • Squat- 205# (both) +20 lb 

  • Deadlift- 275# (me) +30 lb, 255# (friend) +50 lb 

  • Bench- 190# (me) +15 lb, 185# (friend) +10 lb

  • Press- 135# (both) +15 lb and +25 lb

As you can see our strength increased in all 4 lifts tremendously. I just wanted to share this with you and tell you how much I appreciate you sharing the OMOB program. We have made more strength gains in these last 4 weeks than we have in the entire previous year!
PS-My friend is fairly new to deadlifts and shoulder press' which I believe is a major contributing factor to his impressive strength gains in these lifts.
Thanks again,


Ditte Jacobsen_One Man One Barbell.jpg


Ditte is one serious athlete. She has…

  • Snatched 132 lb (60 kg).
  • Front squatted 165 lb (75 kg) for a 3 rep max.
  • Competed in the 2011 CrossFit Games.
  • And much more!
Overall, I really enjoyed following the program and especially embraced the fact that you have time (and energy) for supplementary workouts and skills. I did some of the conditioning workouts also, and I found them quite fun. In the beginning, I was a bit apprehensive starting a new routine while doing the Opens, but it turned out to be a really good idea! The OMOB program has definitely helped me maintain/develop my strength while doing the Opens workouts. For obvious reasons I have not gone for max attempts on the squat and deadlift – but I was able to set a new PR in power snatch and I also did a round of the Bear Complex with 75 kg (my old 3 RM front squat and 1 RM jerk).




A quick email, from Chris:



Just wanted to say that the program works great. I have increased my max in all 4 exercises by at least 20lbs. That’s crazy. I also ran a sub 7 min mile after squat day. Thanks for all you do and for the great program. Keep up the good work.

Chris a.k.a. Bama

Chris decided he really liked the program and kept running it for multiple cycles…then he updated me again. Here is what Chris had to say:

Just wanted to send an update of how your program is working for me. I just started on my 4 th cycle of OMOB. These are the stats after three cycles.

  • Hang clean starting max 210, now 240 (+30 lb)

  • Squat starting max 350, now 385 (+35 lb)

  • Press starting max 180, now 205 (+25 LB)

  • Deadlift starting max 365, now 420 (+55 lb)

Just wanted you to know you program works and I’m VERY pleased with the gains. Thanks for the hard work.





In 3 months I have noticed major - I mean like mind blowing improvements - especially in the area of strength. In addition to dramatic increases across the board in my Olympic and Power Lifts, my confidence has improved dramatically. It challenges me with exactly what is needed to ensure continual growth and improvement.

One Man One Barbell strength training worked great for me. I PR'd every time I went for a new max. My dead lift went from 415 to 445 in just 10 weeks. I also set a new record on snatch and we able to get lower with better technique. It is a great program that made me stronger while I was setting new records on CrossFit benchmarks.


My typical workouts involve using a barbell and performing big lifts, so when I started doing workouts from One Man One Barbell I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise I was able to add 20 pounds to my deadlift, and 10 pounds each to my squat and bench press in a short 4 weeks. The way Jerred has the workouts structured; the lifter is able to perform a solid amount of singles, doubles, and triples. But I believe it’s the way the extra volume is programmed that makes the biggest difference, and puts this workout over the top. Now I’m using Jerred’s layout for all my strength programming instead of Wendler’s 5/3/1.



One Man One Barbell

One-time purchase, LIFETIME updates! 

One Man One Barbell

One-time purchase, LIFETIME updates! 

Who This Is For

One Man One Barbell is for you if you’re ready to have a major breakthrough in strength and conditioning and…

• You need help balancing strength and fitness 

• You want to be in and out of the gym in under an hour 

• Your current lifts are not where you want them to be and you know there is room for improvement

• You’re ready to devote your time and energy into learning things the right way, and you are willing to apply that knowledge to the barbell.

Who This is NOT For

This is not for people who want to sit back and go through the motions. This is not for people who want to be spoon-fed cookie cutter information which you can easily find for free online. This is also not for you if…

• You are comfortable with where you are at, and don’t desire progress

• You’re not comfortable with a barbell or basic conditioning movements i.e., sprinting 

• You have a tendency to never follow through or you quit easily

• You are unwilling or unable to put in the time or effort it takes to become stronger and fitter 

Imagine starting this program tomorrow, and breaking a PR within the next 30 days! 

OMOB Squat_2.jpg

The Investment

We want you strong, fit and happy. 

The Investment

We want you strong, fit and happy. 

You in?

Get instant access to One Man One Barbell for one payment of $49.

A nominal fee for what this program could do for you. Look, I started End of Three Fitness to share my experience as a coach and as an athlete; and this program will help both. I want this program to provide as much value to you as possible, but if it doesn’t, or you don’t see the value or results you were looking for there is a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Are you ready to make progress?

Let’s do it!


100moneyback-2 (1).png

Prefer to checkout with PayPal?




In addition to the program you will also get access to the One Man One Barbell community where you can ask questions and get feedback from other people who have invested in the program.


And just a reminder…there is a 100% money-back guarantee, so what are you waiting for?


How do I know One Man One Barbell works? 

  • It’s tested! OMOB is not some theoretical strength program. It was originally created for, and tested on, athletes part of the Eo3Fit training team. It was only once the true potency of the program was realized; with athletes varying is shape, size, gender and athletic background that One Man One Barbell was turned into this guide.

How is One Man One Barbell different than other strength programs?

  • The biggest difference is that One Man One Barbell is WAY MORE than an eBook - it's a system. A system that has you covered from nutrition, calculators, strength training and more! On top of that it is updated EVERY SINGLE year with new methods, conditioning workouts and more (no extra charge)!

Does One Man One Barbell come with Strength AND Conditioning? 

  • Yes. You will be getting the strength program and all the extras. The One Man One Barbell program comes with the strength program, all the extras (and more), AND the 6-week conditioning guide.

Is this a digital guide? 

  • Yes it is. One Man One Barbell is a digital guide available for immediate download.

Are there better guides out there?

  • It depends. There are many effective strength training guides, systems and books on the market today. However, most other systems out there are focused on getting you strong…but that’s it. This creates extremely long training sessions and leaves you no time for any sort of conditioning. One Man One Barbell was created to be extremely effective with short training sessions. This leaves you time to do your own conditioning, or use the One Man One Barbell Conditioning program, found in the deluxe version.

What do you do with my information after purchase?

  • We do not request any personal information other than your email during our transaction. The email’s sole purpose is to deliver your product. We do not store your email in any sort of database. We will not contact you unless you request information, or for an update. All sales information is kept private.
  • Also, we use PayPal’s secure network to accept all transactions, so your information is all kept private and secure at all time.

What is the refund policy?

  • I am confident One Man One Barbell will work for you, so give it a chance! Try the program for 30 days, if you aren’t seeing the results you expected, email me and I will gladly issue you a 100% refund, no questions asked.